Create QR codes
with embedded forms

Using Dynamic QR is much easier and faster than having your customers use an app to create an incident or an event. Once they scan the QR code they are immediately transported to a form where they can describe the problem, add attachments and send it to you. Each form is highly configurable and can be linked to a slack notification, email or webhook.

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Reach your users

QR codes as starting points

We offer you a platform with which you can build forms in no time and make them available via QR code. In addition, each QR code can be extended with various actions.

Customizable Forms

All forms are fully configurable and can be tailored to your specific needs. From simple text fields to more complex inputs.

Easy Usage

It is much easier to scan a QR code than to always have the right app at hand. A camera and internet and your users can get started.


We offer integrations for common systems with our actions. For everything else, we offer the possibility to create an integration.

Send Mails

Actions can also be used to send mails when quick communication is needed.
P.S. SMS and calls are planned.

Privacy Focused

Data privacy is important to us, so we look closely at where data is stored and how we can ensure that data is stored securely.



We are still planing which features we will provide for analytics.


Send form data to a webhook by QR Code

Webhooks provide a way to notify various online services that a certain event has occurred. Services that offer webhooks are among others

  • Slack
  • MS Teams
  • Discord

The webhooks can be used, for example, to report malfunctions on a technical device to the Slack channel of the responsible technicians.

Get Feedback with Dynamic QR

There are many situations in which a company needs feedback. The feedback can come from employees, users, or potential customers. The questions to be asked in the forms can therefore vary greatly from situation to situation. Feedback that users can access via a QR code on a bottle of wine should contain different questions than a trouble report about a broken printer. Therefore, it is important that forms can be fully tailored to the use case.

QR Code with Tracking

Basically, all QR codes can be divided into static or dynamic QR codes. To understand what a QR Code with tracking is and for what purpose you should use one you need to understand the difference between static and dynamic qr codes.
Unlike static QR codes, the content of dynamic QR codes can be changed at any time. Which is a big advantage over the static variant.

Static vs Dynamic QR Codes

Each QR Code is a graphic encoding of a simple text. One might assume that this limits the possibilities of a QR Code extremely, this is precisely where its strength lies. In the end, everything can be represented as text. You could even take an image, encode it in Base64, for example, and then you have a text that you can convert into a QR Code.

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